Multiple Choice Questions on Forensic Medicine

1. The visual disturbances seen in methyl alcohol poisoning include all of the following, except?

A) Concentric diminution of visual fields for color and form

B) Pinpoint pupils

C) Photophobia and blurred vision

D) Sudden failure of vision

2. “Nothing is an offense which is done by a child under seven years of age” is included under which of the following sections?

A) Section 82 IPC

B) Section 83 IPC

C) Section 84 IPC

D) Section 85 IPC

3. In case of death due to burn injury, which of the following statements is correct?

A) Red line of demarcation around the vesicle is always absent

B) Red line of demarcation around the vesicle is always present

C) Red line of demarcation disappears soon after death

D) Red line of demarcation if formed persists even after death

4. Declaration of Oslo is related to which one of the following?

A) Criminal abortion

B) Natural Abortion

C) Legalized abortion

D) None of the above

5. Which one of the following changes is not found in a dead-born child?

A) Rigor mortis at birth

B) Mummification

C) Maceration

D) Adipocere formation

6. The preferred chemical antidote in mineral acid poisoning is?

A) Magnesium oxide

B) Magnesium carbonate

C) Sodium bicarbonate

D) Sodium hydroxide

7. In Cafe’s coronary, the cause of death is due to which one of the following?

A) Asphyxiation by food

B) Cerebral hemorrhage

C) Myocardial infarction

D) Anaphylaxis

8. The following factors do not influence the formation of a bruise:

(A) Force used

(B) Sex of a person

(C) Age of a person

(D) Color of a person

9. Seminal fluid is a gelatinous material produced in males by seminal vesicles, prostate and

(A) Adrenal gland

(B) Pituitary gland

(C) Cowper’s gland

(D) Thyroid gland

10. Which of the following sutures of the skull are the first to fuse?

(A) Coronal

(B) Lambdoid

(C) Metopic

(D) Sagittal


1. (B)

2. (A)

3. (B)

4. (C)

5. (D)

6. (A)

7. (C)

8. (D)

9. (C)

10. (C)

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