Forensic Ballistics MCQs

1. The mechanism or system of a hand gun that covers manipulating, loading, firing and extracting rounds.

A. Action

B. Breach

C. Chambering

D. Grouping

Answer: A.

2. The way the bullet  actually flies through the air, including the overall mass, air drag, drop, and wind drift.

A. Internal Ballistics

B. Terminal Ballistics

C. Impact Ballistics

D. Ballistics

Answer: D

3. The metal tube on the end of the gun that the bullet is propelled out of.

A. Chamber

B. Cylinder

C. Barrel

D. Muzzle

Answer: C

4. A round that contains the gunpowder but no bullet.

A. Ammo

B. Blank

C. Cartridge

D. Slug  

Answer: B

5. A specific type of black/blue finish that is applied to the metal parts of handguns.

A. Blacking

B. Blueing

C. Graying

D. Browning

Answer: B

6. The empty casing of a round, which is usually made out of brass.

A. Brass

B. Silver

C. Tin

D. Metal

Answer: A

7. Refers to a specific size of round, usually labelled using the diameter of the bullet.

A. Cartridge

B. Bullet

C. Caliper

D. Caliber

Answer: D

8. Describes the single entire projectile package that gets loaded into the gun.

A. Slug

B. Caliper

C. Cartridge

D. Round

Answer: C or D

9. The empty shell of a round.

A. Cartridge

B. Casing

C. Brass

D. Bullet

Answer: B or C

10. A cartridge with its primer located in the center of the base of the case.

A. Firing pin

B. Firing pin block

C. Centerfire

D. Primer  

Answer: C

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