Forensic Science QnA

1.) Who first explained the Friction Ridge Skin Pattern with drawings:-

Answer- J.C.A. Mayer

Explanation- German Doctor and anatomist Book:

• First to write that friction ridge skin was unique

• Book contained detailed drawings of friction ridge skin

2.) “Life on the Mississippi” is wrote by:-

Answer- Mark Twain

Explanation- The first American writer to use fingerprints in solving crime was the famous Mark Twain in his perhaps-embellished memoir about life as a steamboat pilot, titled Life on the Mississippi, published in 1883.

3.) First case of identical twins with no resemblance in their Fingerprints:-

Answer- William & Will Wells

Explanation- They looked identical and even shared the same name, but the two prisoners pictured were actually different people and their remarkable case helped bring in the era of fingerprint identification.

4.) Edward Henry classified Fingerprints into how many Classes:-

Answer- 2

Explanation- According to the Henry System Fingerprints classified into 2 categories-

First- Those Which numerical values assigned.

Second- Those having no Numerical values.

5.) What percentage of world Population have Loop Pattern:-

Answer- 60-65

6.) Ridge ending, Bifurcation, Eye, Triangle, etc. are the terminologies used for:-

Answer- Individual Characteristics of Fingerprint  

7.) Which Statement is not true about Fingerprints:-

Answer- Identical Twins share similar Fingerprints.

8.) How many Biological Principle followed by Fingerprints:-

Answer- 3


1. Pattern Type

2. Uniqueness

3. Permanence

9.) Fingerprint Left by the offender at the SoC is known as:-

Answer- Chance Prints

10.) Fingerprints used since centuries as ____ for protection if documents and Identification of Individual:-

Answer- Signature

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