Every Forensic Student Should Know These Points

These are the key ideas that every forensic student has to keep in mind since they seem so obvious but are yet frequently questioned.

How to Secure and Process a Crime Scene?

  • Isolate and secure the scene
  • Document the scene Search for evidence
  • Collect and package evidence, maintaining the chain of custody
  • Submit evidence for analysis
  • Medical Examiner
  • Initial walkthrough
  • Plan of action
  • In the Crime Scene sketch following should be mentioned: Date, time, location, scale, recovered items, fixed point distances (such as; Wall, door, window), compass, legend
  • Choose a Crime Scene Search Method based on size, location, and number of investigators; Grid, Quadrant or zone, spiral, line, or strip
  • Photograph from all angles Take wide angles and close-ups, Do not move any evidence, Use a ruler to show the scale
  • Photograph the area surrounding the crime scene.
  • Individually packed every piece of evidence.
  • A record of the possession of evidence should be recorded so It would help to know who has come in contact with it.
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