Common Things That Are Harmful To Children

Toxin for children

Numerous items in the house have the potential to be harmful if discovered or ingested by children. Knowing the dangers can help keep children safe. Purchase a few items or only what is needed. Throw away any extras that are not needed instantly. Make certain that these are always out of reach of the children. Such As;


Medication is safe when taken by the right person in the right amount, but sometimes kids find them and eat them, which can be dangerous. Keep the medicine box out of children’s reach or in a locked drawer.

Iron pills

adult-strength iron pills are very dangerous for children to swallow. Children can start throwing up blood or having bloody diarrhea in less than an hour.

Topical anesthetics

These medications have the potential to result in seizures or methemoglobinemia, a disease that prevents the blood from transporting oxygen to the tissues. Teething gels, hemorrhoid remedies, anti-itch lotions, and sunburn treatment products should all be used with extreme caution.

Wild mushrooms

Many different kinds of mushrooms thrive across the nation. Some are poisonous if consumed. Only experts in mushrooms can detect the difference between deadly and harmless mushrooms.

kid with flower


Children who consume alcohol might experience convulsions, go into a coma or possibly pass away. Mouthwash, face cleansers, and hair tonics can contain as much alcohol as alcoholic beverages.

Carbon Monoxide

This gas is in fact an invisible killer. Take it seriously. Make sure there’s a carbon monoxide alarm in every sleeping area of your home.


Gasoline, kerosene, lamp oil, motor oil, lighter fluid, furniture polish, and paint thinner are included in this broad group. If someone tries to consume these liquids, they can easily choke on them. In that case, they could enter the lungs rather than the stomach by accident. They make it difficult to breathe if they go into someone’s lungs. They could aggravate lung irritation (like pneumonia). One of the main factors in child poisoning deaths is exposure to hydrocarbons.


To prevent danger to people, chemicals used to exterminate bugs and other pests must be used cautiously. The skin is a common route of absorption for insecticides. By inhaling the vapors, many can also enter the body. Some can impair breathing and have an adverse effect on the neurological system.

Button batteries

Pay careful attention to the 20 mm lithium coin cell when using button batteries. When ingested by kids, especially those under 4 years old, it frequently becomes stuck in the esophagus and causes burns in about 2 hours. A hole in the esophagus may form, and the burn may spread to the trachea or aorta. More than 60 kids have lost their lives after ingesting button batteries.

Cleaning Products

Chemical burns caused by cleaning agents can be equally as painful as burns caused by fire. Drain openers, toilet bowl cleaners, rust removers, and oven cleaners are examples of products that might result in chemical burns.

Nail Glue Remover And Nail Primer

Some materials used for artificial nails, such as nail adhesive remover and nail primer, might be harmful in unexpected ways. When toddlers consume certain nail glue removers, it might result in cyanide poisoning. When youngsters tried to drink some nail primers, they suffered burns on their skin and mouths.

Windshield washer solution and antifreeze

These liquids are harmful to people and animals in small quantities. Ingestion of windshield washer fluid can result in death and blindness. If antifreeze is ingested, it can result in renal failure and death.

Drain Cleaners And Toilet Bowl Cleaners

These caustics produce severe burns to the lips, throat, and stomach. Drain cleaners can be highly alkaline, whereas toilet bowl cleaners can be quite acidic. They must be diluted right away if consumed in order to lessen the harm that happens quickly.

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