MCQs on Mobile Forensic Software

mobile forensic software

1: Which of the following is a commonly used mobile forensic tool?

a) Fingerprint scanner

b) Bloodstain pattern analysis kit

c) DNA sequencing machine

d) Cellebrite UFED

Answer: d) Cellebrite UFED


a) is incorrect because a fingerprint scanner is not a mobile forensic tool. It is primarily used for biometric identification purposes.

b) is incorrect because a bloodstain pattern analysis kit is used in forensic investigations related to bloodstain patterns, not specifically for mobile device forensics.

c) is incorrect because a DNA sequencing machine is used for genetic analysis, which is unrelated to mobile device forensics.

d) is correct because Cellebrite UFED (Universal Forensic Extraction Device) is a widely used mobile forensic tool. It enables the extraction and analysis of data from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for forensic investigations.

2: Which of the following is NOT a category of mobile forensic tools?

a) Data extraction tools

b) Data recovery tools

c) Data encryption tools

d) Data analysis tools

Answer: c) Data encryption tools


a) is incorrect because data extraction tools are used to extract data from mobile devices for forensic analysis.

b) is incorrect because data recovery tools are used to recover deleted or lost data from mobile devices.

c) is correct because data encryption tools are not specific to mobile forensic tools. They are used to encrypt data to protect its confidentiality and are not directly related to forensic analysis.

d) is incorrect because data analysis tools are used to analyze the extracted data from mobile devices, aiding in the investigation and generation of forensic reports.

3: Which of the following can Oxygen Forensic Detective recover?

a) Deleted messages and call logs

b) Web browsing history

c) App data

d) All of the above

Answer: d) All of the above

4: What does data carving in Magnet AXIOM refer to?

a) Extracting data from specific applications

b) Analyzing communication patterns within applications

c) Recovering deleted or partially overwritten application data

d) Performing keyword searches within application data

Answer: c) Recovering deleted or partially overwritten application data

Explanation: Data carving in Magnet AXIOM refers to the capability of recovering deleted or partially overwritten application data. This feature is helpful for retrieving information that may not be accessible through regular extraction methods.

5. Oxygen Forensic Detective is used for analyzing data from which types of devices?

a) Computers and laptops

b) Mobile devices

c) Gaming consoles

d) All of the above

Answer: b) Mobile devices

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