MCQs on Forensic Psychology

1. Which of the following is the legal defense used to argue that an individual should not be held criminally responsible for their behavior due to a mental illness or defect?

  1. Insanity defense
  2. Mitigating circumstances
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Criminal rehabilitation

2. Which of the following is the process of using psychological evaluation and testing to understand an individual’s mental state, behavior, and risk of reoffending?

  1. Forensic assessment
  2. Eyewitness identification
  3. Criminal profiling
  4. Institutionalization

3. Which of the following is a specialized form of therapy aimed at reducing the risk of reoffending among individuals who have committed sexual offenses?

  1. Anger management
  2. Victimology
  3. Sexual offender treatment
  4. Criminal thinking

4. Which of the following is a legal concept that individuals are responsible for their actions and can be held accountable for criminal behavior?

  1. Criminal responsibility
  2. Restorative justice
  3. False confessions
  4. Mass murder

5. Which of the following is the process of evaluating an individual’s likelihood of committing a future offense, often used in forensic psychology to inform sentencing and treatment decisions?

  1. Risk assessment
  2. Criminal rehabilitation
  3. Neurocriminology
  4. Psychiatric assessment

6. Which of the following is the study of the relationship between the brain, biology, and criminal behavior, often used to understand the underlying causes of criminal behavior?

  1. Victimology
  2. Institutionalization
  3. Criminal thinking
  4. Neurocriminology

7. Which of the following is the killing of multiple people in a single incident, often studied in forensic psychology to understand the motivations and risk factors associated with mass murder?

  1. Recidivism
  2. Malingering
  3. Mass murder
  4. Forensic anthropology

8. Which of the following is the process of creating a profile of a criminal offender based on evidence from a crime scene and other information?

  1. Criminal profiling
  2. Juvenile justice system
  3. Risk management
  4. Psychotropic medication

9. Which of the following is a form of therapy aimed at helping individuals manage anger and reduce the risk of violent behavior?

  1. Anger management
  2. Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  3. Criminal rehabilitation
  4. Victimology

10. Which of the following is a personality disorder characterized by a lack of regard for the rights of others, manipulative behavior, and a tendency towards criminal behavior?

  1. Antisocial personality disorder
  2. Bipolar disorder
  3. Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  4. Schizophrenia


Answer 1: 1) Insanity defense

Answer 2: 1) Forensic assessment

Answer 3: 3) Sexual offender treatment

Answer 4: 1) Criminal responsibility

Answer 5: 1) Risk assessment

Answer 6: 4) Neurocriminology

Answer 7: 3) Mass murder

Answer 8: 1) Criminal profiling

Answer 9: 1) Anger management

Answer 10: 1) Antisocial personality disorder

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