Difference Between Coroner and Medical Examiner

What is a difference between Coroner and Medical Examiner?

Answer: A Coroner and Medical Examiner are both specialists who investigate cases related to deaths, but there are some differences between them.

Coroner: A coroner is an appointed officer who is responsible for investigating sudden, unexpected, or suspicious deaths. They typically have minimal medical training and maybe a lawyer or a law enforcement officer. Coroners determine the cause of death and may order an autopsy if it’s deemed necessary. In some jurisdictions, the coroner may be required to be a physician, but this is not always the case.

coroner and medical examiner

Medical Examiner: A medical examiner is a licensed Physician/Doctor who is specially trained in forensic pathology. They are appointed by the government and work for the state or county. Medical examiners are responsible for determining the cause and manner of death in cases where there is no obvious cause or when the death is suspicious. They typically perform autopsies and other medical tests to determine the cause of death.

In conclusion, while both coroners and medical examiners investigate deaths, a medical examiner is a licensed physician with specialized training in forensic pathology, while a coroner may or may not have medical training and is often an elected or appointed official.

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